About us

ANCOR Sp. z o.o. is a company specialized mainly in polymer concrete cell technology and related accessories, providing substantial benefits to electrorefinning (ER) and electro-winning (EW) plant operators. Our team has vast experience designing and manufacturing polymer concrete tanks for the copper and zinc electrolysis.


In early years, our production was supplied under the brand name ANCOR HMG Europa sp. z o.o. subsidiary of Dow Chemical / Stierling Group JV - Chile. Since 2006, our company was renamed ANCOR TECMIN Sp. z o.o. considering the partnership reached between ANCOR CHILE, also belonging to Stierling Group, and TECMIN Chile SA.



From 2013 ANCOR Sp z o.o belongs to the composite related ANCOR SYTEC Group and turned fully independent and autonomous, providing high quality polymer concrete cells for both EW and ER refineries within Europe and surroundings.


Our team has 30 years of experience, and our success has been confirmed supplying several thousands of polymer concrete cells to countries such as Poland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia and others, and renown customers such as, Outotec, Boliden, Xstrata and KGHM. Total number of references including ANCOR SYTEC jobs, reach more than 19.000 units in a wide geographic area.


ANCOR sp. z o.o is ready to assist our customers in supplying a first class product tailored to each specific use.